I come from a Caribbean background, and I grew up in Toronto Canada. Growing up surrounded by a creative family (an Artist, Fashion Designer, a Hair Stylist and many professional singers) allowed me to easily express my creative side.Design is truly part of my DNA. The love of amazing architecture, colors, unique lines, and textures undoubtedly influenced my decision to become an Interior Designer. I can’t imagine my life without design at the forefront; I get an amazing high in well design spaces.This is what I love about my profession. I get to work with so many different people to help each one achieve their own personal style that reflects their likes, values, and culture.

In 1992 I migrated to Lithonia Georgia, and after working for a local Interior Designer making window treatment for 4 years, I started a window treatment fabrication workroom and consulting business in 1996.Always seeking knowledge to better serve my clients I attended The Custom Home Furnishing School in Swananoa NC. After many years in business I still felt that I needed more knowledge to better serve my clients. I decided to go back to school where I earned my degree in Interior Design. It was during a presentation to my class in my last semester of school that I was introduced to Decorating Den Interiors. I knew this was the right fit for me. After graduation I worked for one of the most successful franchises in Decorating Den Interiors, which exposed me to new skills that would help to reinforce what I learned in school, and reignite my love affair with design. So, after nine months I birthed my own franchise.

With this opportunity I’m inspired to make each client feel special as I design specifically to meet their needs. I’m passionate about working with them on a one-on-one basis to help make their house into a beautiful home.The ability to work with clients in their home allows me to build a strong relationship with each individual.
I have worked in the interior design industry in some capacity for over Twenty years. I love seeing each client’s reaction to the “Big Reveal” after I have just installed the room of their dreams. My dedication to each project is the same no matter how small or large the project. My philosophy is that your home is a personal reflection of YOU, not me, which is why I will spend lots of time getting to know you and addressing your needs for your home. It’s all about YOU!

If you're looking for a designer, who is easy to work with, works within your budget, decorates around your lifestyle, expands upon your ideas, and makes decorating a fun experience, please give us a call.




Sherica Maynard was born in Toronto, Canada and grew up in Lithonia Georgia. After graduating at the top of her class Sherica moved to New York City where she immersed herself in its eclectic culture. During the 10 years she lived in New York Sherica earned her BFA in Architectural Design from the prestigious Parsons School of Design. While growing up architecture and design had always been a big influence in her life and through out school the arts were always her high point. Having grown up in a household where you had to make something out of nothing, this simple skill has seeped into her design philosophy and has taught her to see things in a way that others may not have thought of. Multipurpose and innovation are two things that hold high prominence in her design process.

Sherica states, “What I love most about Interior Design is my ability to change someone’s life. Some may ask, ‘how can you change someone’s life with interior design?’ I call it Residential Therapy, it is creating a place of peace & comfort, a place where you can call home! It's where you escape after a long day, it's where you create memories with your family, it is an abode that tells a story about who you are and what you love. Whatever the space may be residential or commercial I love transforming spaces to feel peaceful, comfortable and inviting. When I create a space for my clients I don't only expose them to different and unique products to make their special space stand out from others but I also strive to give my clients a space that fulfills their personal needs."

Some people find it a bit intimidating when thinking of working with an Interior Designer, but as a designer Sherica not only has the ability to transform large scale projects, but she can also show you how small improvements like paint, accessorizing and window treatments can take your space from night to day. 

If you’re ready to transform your space give us a call we would love to give you a free consultation to see how your space can turn into your personal oasis.